Shoo Away Your Snoring With Pure Sleep

mouth pieceMy snoring problem started after I gave birth to my son. I enjoyed my pregnancy that I ate everything I want, twice! It is even tougher now because I couldn’t find time, or should I say, I feel so exhausted to work out. Diet is also out of the question as of now because I always get hungry after feeding my son.

The snoring problem is also another issue. I read a lot of tips on how to stop snoring, but they were ineffective. Although I sleep less now that I have a baby, my sleep is even disturbed by my loud snore. My husband is worried about it, so we went to see our physician to consult about the situation.

The doctor ruled out anything serious about my snoring. It was just because of the weight gain. He recommended that I manage my weight and while I am it, I can purchase a mandibular repositioning device (MRD). He said that a specialized dentist could fit it for me or I can buy something online such as the Pure Sleep.

I do not want to visit my dentist just yet so I checked pure sleep reviews on the internet. It looked easy to use, and I have read good reviews about the product. I am happy that they have a 90-day money back guarantee so I can try the product without committing to it yet.

Ordering Pure Sleep is a breeze. I just accomplished the order form on their website and paid using my credit card. The package arrived after a few days, and I was so excited to give it a try.

What I actually love about the product is that it is customizable. I soaked my Pure Sleep in hot water to soften the material to mold my teeth on it. I memorized the procedure on the instruction video on their website, so I know exactly how to get the perfect cast. After getting the impression of my teeth, I rinsed it in cold water until the device got hard again. I tried the product again, and it fits perfectly.

The first time I tried, it was uncomfortable. But I learned that I need to wear the device at least a few minutes before I go to sleep to accustom my mouth to it. Sometimes, I wear it even while doing some chores and it helped me to get used to it faster. The elastic band that is meant to keep my tongue in place is not bothersome.

Cleaning Pure Sleep is also easy. I pre-wash it with toothpaste and water. Then I soak it in water with an oral cleaning tablet. The device also has a handy case where I put it after drying.

The features of the products are great only if it works. With my Pure Sleep, it works wonders! My husband never heard me snore and I sleep well nowadays. I do not feel cranky in between feeding my baby, and I noticed that my mood has become better. I have to thank Pure Sleep for the best nights of sleep I’ve had since I gave birth. It is a great device that snorers like me should try.